Boromir ain’t care! Sean Bean gets stabbed in a bar fight, keeps partying.

Lord of the Rings/Game of Thrones actor Sean Bean has made a fine career out of looking like a guy who knows his way around a sword, but you know what they say, live by the sword, get stabbed in a bar fight by a drunk who insults your slutty girlfriend.  I think it was Martin Luther King who said that.

The row began when Mr Bean, 52, and April Summers – a glamour model who is 30 years his junior who had gone to the bar in North West London with him – were standing outside, having a cigarette.
Miss Summers – whose real name the Daily Mail understands is Nadia Foster – lives close to Mr Bean in the same area.
According to witnesses, a passer-by then made lewd comments about Miss Summers, a topless model who has appeared in a number of UK lads’ magazines as well as the Italian edition of Playboy.
As a result, Mr Bean followed the man down the road to challenge him.
Later in the evening, Mr Bean went out for another cigarette and was then  attacked by a man.
The star was said to have been stabbed in the arm – believed to be with a broken glass – and punched in the face, according to witnesses. Police were then called.
Mr Bean was said to have a cut arm and a bruised face, according to witnesses.
Bean declined to attend hospital. Instead, the star walked back into the bar and, after staff gave him aid from a first aid kit, ordered another drink.
‘He came in with a cut on his arm and a bruise on his eyebrow. We saw to his injuries with the first aid kit. He seemed ok and wanted to have another drink.’ [DailyMail]

A topless model, a bar fight, a guy who gets stabbed with a broken bottle and keeps drinkin’… I’ve never been, but based on this, I can’t help but conclude that London is exactly like a Jason Statham movie.  I hope Boromir kicked this guy’s ass while answering his own rhetorical sentences.  “Bloody hew, it appeahs dis cont ‘as stabbed me wiff a fractshewd grog bottew, now ‘asn’t ‘e.  Seems Oy ‘as got no choice but to smash him, do Oy, Tommy.”

…Yeah, yeah, I know you didn’t read anything after “Topless Model”. Daddy’s got you covered.

But don’t go thinking she’s just a pretty face and a pair of big boobs smashed together.  This broad sounds like a mensa candidate:

Men say my best physical feature is: My breasts. They’re a handful!
Measurements: 34EE natural!-24-34
Pet name for my boobs: Bosoms
What I love about my boobs: They are huge!
A superficial thing I am attracted to: Money
My favorite trait in a man: Generosity [via TheSmokingJacket]

Aw, that’s what *I* love about your boobs too! I’m really feeling a connection here!