Brad Cooper as The Elephant Man is almost TOO believable

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08.20.12 28 Comments

Reader Matt B. sent in this picture of Brad Cooper playing the Elephant Man onstage from People. I saw it a while back and forgot to post it, but I’m correcting that post-haste because it makes me laugh every time I look at it. See? This is what happens when you take one of the most handsome actors in Hollywood and have him play a hideously deformed freak without using any make-up. Can’t you tell? How ugly he’s supposed to be, from the face he’s making?? I mean for a second there I thought I was looking at the real Elephant Man, the acting is that good! You can tell he’s a real artist because he still does important work like this and not just shallow rom-coms. GRRR, ACTING!

Hahahahaha theater is so stupid.

[via TheSuperficial, People, BerkshireOnstage]

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