Bradley Cooper Was The Best Bowler At Lars Ulrich’s Bachelor Party. Wait, What?

Ulrich, with fiancée Jessica Miller
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Ulrich, with fiancée Jessica Miller

Today in random celebrity pairings, a story about the bachelor party Silicon Valley creator Mike Judge threw for eminently punchable Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich here in San Francisco this past Saturday. Yep, that happened. But wait, it gets weirder. The party allegedly began at a bowling alley, where the guests included Ian McKellen and Bradley Cooper, who was the best bowler.

On Saturday, the musician hit up Lucky Strike for a night of bowling in a private room with Bradley Cooper, Ian McKellan and James Hetfield, the lead singer of Metallica.

“Bradley was the top bowler,” says a source. “They hung out in the private Green Room and ate sushi and spinach dip.” [People]

This sounds like a Zoolander bit, doesn’t it? “Yeah, man, we were dropping acid with Gandalf and James Hetfeld, eatin sushi and throwing bowling balls, changed our whole perspective on sh*t. Tellin’ you, man, Rocket Racoon can roll.”

According to other sources, Michael Fassbender, Peter Coyote, and tennis star Brad Gilbert even showed up later in the night. I can only assume to help take pictures of Penn Jillette’s asshole to send to Kirk Hammett as a joke. My point is, being a celebrity sounds really weird.