I feel bad for the actress who plays ‘not-hot girl’ in the new American Reunion trailer

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11.01.11 22 Comments

American Reunion has a new trailer out, and it looks like Stifler is up to his old tricks again! You’ll be happy to know that that lovable scamp still loves beers and ladies — incorrigible! Meanwhile, his mom is still hot and slutty, flutes play a factor, and Katrina Bowden shows up as Oz’s girlfriend, reprising her role as “boring blonde.”

Actually, the most interesting part of the trailer for me is the 24-second mark, where Stifler tells a group of hot co-workers (I almost assumed “secretaries,” but I realized that would be sexist) “Ladies! You better be working hard, you weren’t hired for your looks! …Actually, you were.” Then he points to the hottest chick. Then he passes another one and says, “Not you.” (pictured, above)

I’d like to know how the pitch to that actress went. I’m certainly not the most sensitive man in the world (I’ve even got the trophies to prove it), but even I would need at least three levels of go-betweens to cast that role. “Yeah…. so this is a minor-but-crucial role. You won’t have any lines and you’ll be in the movie for less than a second. But all you have to do is stand there looking… hmmm, how shall I put this…  ‘not hot.’ My co-producers and I think you have just that special something to pull it off; that perfect skill set to convey ‘unf*ckable.’ So whaddya say? And remember, Carolyn, there are no small roles, just small actors.”

I heard Tucker Max read the script and was like, “Whoa, harsh, bro.”

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