Bruce Willis and Jason Patric Both Have Particular Sets Of Skills In ‘The Prince’

Whether intentional or not, 50 Cent’s unusual yet magnificent acting relationship continues with Bruce Willis in the upcoming modern gangster film, The Prince. But this time Willis is actually facing off against Jason Patric and Mr. Cent is just a supporting character. Yet we should still all acknowledge how lucky we are to be watching the rapper act any time that he is cast in something. That’s aside from the point, though, and we shift the focus to The Prince’s incredibly unique plot – someone kidnapped Patric’s daughter, and he’ll do whatever it takes and kill whomever he pleases to get her back.

That someone is Willis, according to the new trailer for The Prince, as something in their past has left him holding a grudge against Patric, and this beef can only be squashed through good, old-fashioned, murderous vengeance. Even John Cusack is like, “Let’s keep this clean, okay?” No sir, there is no “keeping it clean” in the seedy underbelly of Las Vegas’s mob life, only keeping it real.