Captain Canuck Is Making More Progress Than Justice League

Last year, it was revealed that the Canadian production company Mind’s Eye Entertainment had plans of bringing Captain Canuck to the big screen as an even more polite version of Captain America. While the idea was still in its infancy, Mind’s Eye (pronounced Mind’s Eh?) had already hired veteran writer Arne Olsen to write the screenplay, and when you get the guy who wrote Cop and a Half, you know that you’re on the fast track to an instant blockbuster.

While the film still has no star, plot or any other new details since that July report, the franchise is at least taking a step in the right direction by creating a Captain Canuck animated web series in order to remind everyone that Captain Canuck is something that once existed.

Comic book writer Richard Comely, who launched the Captain Canuck franchise in 1975 with fellow artist George Freeman, has tapped Captain Canuck INC and animation partner Smiley Guy Studios to produce the five episode online series.

The web series production follows Mind’s Eye Entertainment stick-handling a live action feature film adaptation based on the Captain Canuck comic book series. (Via THR)

Damn it, THR, you’re supposed to leave the lazy hockey puns to me. Now I’m forced to choose between a moose joke or a syrup pun. Oh I know! You could say that Captain Canuck is really mountying a comeback. That’s some fantastic Canadian wordplay right there.

Oh, and as for choosing the actor who should play Captain Canuck? He should obviously be a young, handsome, physically fit Canadian man, and I can only think of one man who fits that limited mold…

That’s right, Raymond Burr. Wait, my messenger loon just delivered an important letter. It appears that Burr is dead. That’s a gosh damn shame. Okay, make it Will Arnett then.