CATFISH’D: Management Trainee Caught Faking Her Big Hollywood Connections

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09.05.13 16 Comments

(Pictured: Shutterstock’s terrifying search result for “impostor”)

Stereotypically speaking, Hollywood (by which I mean the entertainment industry) is known as a fake place that runs on who you know. Thus, if one wanted to get ahead, perhaps the obvious strategy would be for one to fake who one knows. That’s exactly what a mailroom trainee at mega talent management firm Management 360 tried to do recently. Only she was perhaps too ambitious, and was fired after she got caught creating dozens of fake email addresses of celebrities to make herself seem more connected. So much for rewarding a go-getter, jerks.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

…an intern-turned-mailroom trainee hired in April was discovered to have created more than a dozen fictitious e-mail accounts that she utilized to make herself appear to be a well-connected industry insider. In the guise of such names as Christopher Nolan, Anthony Kiedis and model Behati Prinsloo (Adam Levine‘s fiancee), she networked and flirted with a number of her superiors — at one point inviting people over to a property she claimed she was house-sitting for David Fincher.

Eventually, other employees grew suspicious. She was confronted and fired Aug. 15.

First mistake: expecting people to believe a famous misanthrope like Fincher would let anyone from a management firm into his house. Not a chance. I also love the glorious randomness of the impersonated celebrities. Two critically acclaimed directors, an over-the-hill singer and the girl who’s f*cking the guy from Maroon 5! “Who do I work with? We-heh-hell, do Bradley Cooper, Kelly LeBrock, Larry Fine’s granddaughter and the backup drummer from Grand Funk Railroad ring any bells?”

Elsewhere, Defamer has identified the scammer as USC grad and former Daily Trojan writer Kelly Speca. The Defamer writer who did the identifying, meanwhile, was none other than Beejoli Shah, the girl who herself got fired from a management company for writing a dishy email about Quentin Tarantino masturbating on her feet. LA, man.

Who could’ve ever imagined that Hollywood management companies’ recruiting pool would be a bunch of vain, name-droppy sociopaths?

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