Check a look at the first 10 minutes of The FP, Snowcone

I posted the first 10 minutes of John Carter this morning, and while that was a $200 million movie that managed to pack in an amazing amount of boring, well-worn clichés (rogue hothead, gruff commander, dead wife flashbacks, etc. etc.), The FP is a movie made for less than six figures that I feel pretty confident in saying is unlike most films you’ve seen. The best way I can describe it is that it feels simultaneously home-made and meticulously crafted. Oh, also, it’s set in a dystopian subculture in which gangs do battle through a dance videogame called Beat Beat Revelation, written in a fully-realized, alternate street vernacular where people call each other “Snowcone,” and “Clam Chowder.” (Depending how much you read into “clam,” calling someone “Clam Chowder” is sort of like saying “Pussy Soup.” I always wonder if they meant it as weird version of pussy or as literal clam chowder).

Anyway, The FP opens March 16th in LA, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Portland, and some other cities. Check out the first 10 minutes below, and make sure you ponder that thing I said about pussy soup. (Video slightly NSFW for language and brief nudedness)

In this scene, J-Tro and B-Tro from the 248 show up to battle with L Dubba E and Sugga Nigga from the 245 in front of a packed house of all manner of background sluts and hoodrabbits. Will those pancake munchers from the 245 maintain their claim, or will B-Tro and his moon boots beat-beat things right again? Only one thing is for certain, usually a bitch has gotta drop a whole pile of Lincolns to catch a show this good.

“Don’t let this shit put your brain on flips, you gotta think of Beat Beat Revelation like it was the Civil War!”

I’m not sure what I like better, the ridiculous dialog or the facial expressions of people in the background. It’s actually a lot like every high school party I ever went to, but with a nicer set (nice hubcaps on the wall, what is that, faux chrome? Ooh la la, Mr. Rockafeller). I’m not saying you should be drunk when you watch this, but it definitely helps.