Check Out Steve Carell’s Terrifying Prosthetics In ‘Foxcatcher’

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05.16.14 17 Comments

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comes from Moneyball director Bennett Miller and stars Channing Tatum as wrestler Mark Schultz, who’s out for justice after schizo millionaire weirdo John du Pont murders his brother, Dave. (An event famously immortalized in the Cheech and Chong elegy “Dave’s Not Here, Man.”) Steve Carell plays du Pont as creepily as possible, complete with a big nose prosthetic and gunt. Could this by Carell’s One Hour Photo? You may also notice C-Tates’ cauliflower ear. I don’t know if this will be any good, and I hate Moneyball (shut up, Mickey Rourke agrees with me), but the prosthetics guy deserves a raise.

If you didn’t know, cauliflower ear happens when you get a small tear in your ear cartilage. The tear fills up with blood, and, the same way bones do, the cartilage tries to heal itself. Only with the scar tissue, it generally hardens into a different, thicker shape. It’s caused by grinding your ears against things a lot (the floor, other dudes, etc.), like wrestlers, judo guys, and rugby players are wont to do. It’s the same reason C-Tates has a cauliflower wang.


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