Check Out The Trailer For ‘Raging Bull 2’ AKA ‘The Bronx Bull,’ Starring William Forsythe, Of Course

And here we have the trailer for The Bronx Bull, a film that used to be called Raging Bull 2 (not because it has anything to do with the original, but because it’s based on a book called Raging Bull II written by Jake LaMotta) until MGM filed a lawsuit. Another telling of the Jake LaMotta story, this unauthorized Martin Guigui sequel strips away all the distractions from the first one – Robert Deniro, Joe Pesci, Martin Scorsese, production values – so that we can better focus on all the punching and accents and facial prosthetics. It also appears that they’ve gotten every minor mafia movie actor in town they could afford – Paul Sorvino, Joe Mantegna, Tom Sizemore, Robert Davi, hell, even comedian Dom Irrera – just to see if getting them together alone would be enough to make a Scorsese movie, like the computer from Weird Science. I’m kind of sad that the lawsuit didn’t Jormp-Jomp this project all together, because watching Jake DeMottle star as The Ranging Gull would really make this perfect. “Martin Guigui” remaking Martin Scorsese already sounds like the Italian answer to “Steven Spielbergo.”

Shockingly, it doesn’t have a release date yet.

[hat tip: CHUD]