Check Out This New Scene From 'Silver Linings Playbook' With Special Guest Commentary

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11.01.12 26 Comments

Never put a bag over Bradley Cooper’s face.

Yahoo! Movies revealed a new clip from Silver Linings Playbook this week, and it gives us a little more insight into this story of a man (Bradley Cooper) who suffers a breakdown after he catches his wife banging a bald dude in the shower. In this adaptation of the Matthew Quick novel, Cooper’s Pat Solitano meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), who also suffered a breakdown after her husband died. Except her breakdown was awesome because she slept with all of her co-workers. She’s a lot like Vince at last year’s UPROXX Christmas party.

In this new clip, Cooper lays down the serious acting chops while Robert DeNiro shows us that he can still turn it on now and then. But the key is Lawrence, who looks fantastic in Silver Linings Playbook, and by fantastic I mean there’s a scene in which she takes her shirt off. Give this movie all of the Oscars.

I didn’t have much of an opinion based on this clip, as I didn’t have the first clue what this movie or the book is about, but thankfully we have helpful Yahoo! commenters like Tug, who isn’t afraid to lay down a truth bomb. After all, Tug knows movies.

This movie looks lame, but Ill probably be dragged to see which is ok cause Lawrence is hot as effing tubes. Not looking forward to sitting through the, “my life is hard and your life is hard, lets fall in love” or whatever it is crap. If you think I don’t know what good film is, yer a brain dead #$%$ muncher. DeNiro hasn’t acted well since 1980 plus everything he does is the same. Copper is merely a pretty boy and Lawrence has a nice body I want to bang. It might win an Oscar, but I’ve lost any respect Ive had for those anyway. America is probably the stupideest, fattest country in the world. Have a miserable day. Suck it!

That’s right, America. Suck it.

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