Chris Evans Is Having A Blast On The Set Of The Avengers

The other day, our beloved Uproxxian colleague RoboPanda mentioned that a recent study revealed that people like movie and TV spoilers because they help them feel more familiar with the subject and ultimately make them easier to follow. If that is the case, this is the greatest summer of our lives because we can’t click the mouse twice without coming across spoilers, what with World War Z’s panic outbreaks and Anne Hathaway’s super tight Catwoman costume in The Dark Knight Rises. Hell, there’s even a rumor that Chris Nolan may be shooting spoiler scenes just to screw with us. Don’t tease our hunger, Chris!
But this is a movie blog and Vince has child support to pay, so we’re going to keep your spoiler pangs at bay. Today’s hot spoilers come in the form of more costume looks on the set of The Avengers. Aside from Scarlett Johansson’s racktastic Black Widow, there’s really nothing new here, but we couldn’t get past Chris Evans’ face.
Seriously, he’s so delightfully strange. Also, I included what may be my favorite Thor picture ever. Admittedly, I’ve never had a different favorite Thor picture, but this one is still pretty special.

(Images via The Superficial)

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