Chris Pratt Stopped By A Screening Of ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ To Take Selfies With All Of The Kids

If you missed Chris Pratt’s cover feature interview in the July 18 issue of Entertainment Weekly, in which he slammed shots of Jack with the reporter while discussing how he was discovered by Rae Dawn Chong, it’s definitely a must-read that reveals a fun-loving guy who is genuinely thankful for all of his recent success. All of that success continued this past weekend on his promotional tour for Guardians of the Galaxy, as the man playing Star-Lord was the guest of honor at the Brickyard 400 on Sunday (above), before he and Zoe Saldana rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange this morning. But it’s what happened in between those two events that confirmed that Pratt is one of the coolest guys on the planet.

Last night, Disney and the New York Daily News teamed up with Variety the Children’s Charity of New York and Children of Promise for a special screening of Guardians of the Galaxy for 250 kids. After the movie was over, Pratt surprised the kids with some words of inspiration about his own struggles growing up, and then he did the unthinkably cool and stayed until he’d taken a seflie with every single kid in the theater.

“I think you’re all very awesome… Take it from a kid who grew up having no money, struggling hard to get by. Just know that if you stick to your path and you believe in yourself and be courageous enough to be yourself, you can grow up and you can be your own Star-Lord.”

He went on to take questions from the audience, talking about stuntwork:

“It was pretty athletic. And I always played sports growing up. Anyone here play sports?… That was something I really loved when I was a kid. It was a lot like that.” (Via The Mary Sue)

This story is great and all, but I wish one of the kids had at least asked how he went from 285 lbs. in The Five-Year Engagement to 230 lbs. in Zero Dark Thirty, and then all the way up to 295 lbs. in Delivery Man before dropping back down to 225 lbs. for Guardians. Because, honestly, I think the guy is some kind of warlock.

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(Via the NY Daily News)