Chris Rock Just Doesn’t Feel Funny Anymore In The Trailer For ‘Top Five’

Senior Writer
10.16.14 14 Comments

There’s a little bit of irony in this trailer for Chris Rock’s newest movie, Top Five, as his character says that he doesn’t feel like doing funny movies anymore. After all, his last movie was Grown Ups 2. But for all of the groans that the annoyingly successful Grown Ups films brought out of Rock’s loyal fans, Top Five looks like it’s going to put a lot of smiles back on our faces. Rock plays an A-list superstar named Andre Allen who has it “all,” which means that he’s making cheesy blockbusters and married to a soulless reality TV housewife.

Also written and directed by Rock, Top Five tells the story of a guy who is trying to learn how to be funny again, and it was a crowd favorite when it debuted at TIFF last month, which explains why Paramount was quick to get it ready for a December release. It probably helps that it co-stars Kevin Hart, JB Smoove, Tracy Morgan and Gabrielle Union, with Adam Sandler and Jerry Seinfeld also making cameos. But mostly this looks like Rock just wants to make everyone laugh again.

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