Clive Barker Will Write The 'Hellraiser' Remake, Starring Doug Bradley As Pinhead

Very rarely do we hear a tale of a classic film being remade not only with the original writer and director, but also the star. Yet here we are this morning, all dressed up in our nicest Friday duds, to celebrate the news that the Hellraiser remake is finally actually happening, and the first draft of the film’s screenplay will at least be written by Clive Barker. According to a message that Barker posted on Facebook, he was able to successfully convince Bob Weinstein at Dimension Pictures to not only let him write the script, but to also make sure that no one on this planet plays Pinhead except for Doug Bradley.

Barker also posted a follow-up message about the film’s rating, and he confirmed that Dimension wants an R-rated horror and not one of these bloodless teen terror films that the horror genre is overloaded with lately. He also claims that once he’s done with this new retelling of Hellraiser, he’ll begin working on a new, original horror story, but that doesn’t interest us at all right now.

Pinhead’s finally back and maybe now he’ll show those Paranormal Activity sh*theads how it’s done.

That part where the DJ is killed by all the records? Possibly the greatest moment in movie history.