Colin Firth Is Looking For Revenge And Love In ‘The Railway Man’ Trailer

Throw some coal into the Oscar fire for Colin Firth, because the man who makes vanilla ice cream seem erotic is back in the new trailer for The Railway Man, the true story of a British soldier who was tortured by the Japanese in World War II only to find himself in the intriguing position of getting revenge on his tormentor many years later. Firth plays the older version of the real Eric Lomax, who died last year at 93 but wanted his story told, while Nicole Kidman plays Lomax’s second wife, Patti, who helped the tortured man overcome his nightmares so many years after the war.

The film debuted over the weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival, but it is still unknown whether or not Firth managed to upstage Kidman on the red carpet.