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02.26.08 25 Comments

Let’s face it, a lot of people comment on FilmDrunk.  But it takes an extra special sort not to say something pointless or retarded, and an even specialer sort to actually be funny.  And that’s why every week, I honor those special Drunkards.

Nominate your favorite comment for next week’s Comments of the Week here (post is hidden, so bookmark it).  Want to know more about how it works?  Here’s a handy primer from frequent commenter ‘The Mighty Fek’lhr’.  Don’t care?  Fair enough.

Both of my favorites this week come from the Board Games threadStone Soup says, "My ex-wife and I used to play our own version of Monopoly.  I’d wear a tuxedo ad a monocle, she’d hit me with the iron and fuck her ex-boyfriend."  And, Sicksauce says, "My wife and I enjoy playing Hot Monogamy: A Board Game for Troubled Marriages.  Nobody ever wins and it’s just as unpleasurable as it sounds."    

From this thread, Bunsy says, "When I was in college, I had a black roommate and he used to always walk in our room and say, "Where the Wild Things Are." Turns out he just had a thing for Denise Richards." [Ed Note: Wild Things – Where the Wild Things Are references will no longer be accepted.]

From this thread, Chodin says, "I call my old girlfriend Gambit- because of exploding throwing cards? Fuck no. Because once she threw our cat at me, but when i ducked, that shit exploded against the wall." [Ed Note: I’m sensing a theme here.]

From the Election thread, Jacktion! says, "I’ve got the Chinese version of this headline in my pants." 

From this thread, Michelle07 says, "I’m a little disappointed it didn’t say "let the babies hit the floor" on the picture. With maybe a concerned cat." [Ed Note: Gotta give it up for anyone whose idea is good enough for me to incorporate into the post.

From this thread, Rotwangchung says, "When I was in the hospital as a kid, my dad told me stories, but they were mainly about how if I died, he was going to buy a motorcycle." 

Congratulations, A-holes. 

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