Comments of the Week!

It’s comments of the week time again, folks.  Just as a reminder, I’ve still got plenty of original-print-on-100%-cotton American Apparel tee FilmDrunk shirts on sale at (modeled above by PaulyDangerously, below by acclaimed Hollywood megastar Chris Mintz-Plasse).   Yes, I’m out of XLs at the moment (restocking soon), but I’ve got everything else from Girl’s Small through XXXL.

Now then.  I’m pretty sure Donkey Hodey already has a FilmDrunk shirt, but this comment could not be denied. From The Finnish Dog Who Mocked Hitler:

Donkey Hodey says: The Americans had a problem with the dog too, as every time they would say “FDR” the dog would scoot his butt across the carpet like it was pulling itself in a wheelchair.

Historically accurate, offensive to the disabled, involves animals acting like humans — yep, pretty much all the FilmDrunk bases covered.

Read on for the honorable mentions. ONE OF THEM COULD BE YOU!!!

And speaking of offensive jokes about people with disabilities…

[From Hangover 2 Stuntman in Coma After Accident]
Larry says: In England this is known as the Oxford coma. (*adjusts monocle, Earl Grey teabags self*)

Farthammer says: That’s not a coma. THIS is a coma (*pulls out Terry Schiavo*)

Monocles and vegetables, you know, the youuuuge.

[From Burnsy’s list of the 10 Worst Movies of 2010]
Danger Guerrero says: I’m not saying I’m inspired by Burnsy’s ability to dish out hate, but I will say I just told my cup of hot chocolate to f*ck off. And I love hot chocolate.

From Swedish Actor Per Oscarsson Dies in a Fire:

GlennBeckHasAIDS says : If Channing Tatum was Swedish he’d be named Pure Hotnessson.

From Meet Ted Williams, the Golden-Voiced Hobo:

Fek’lhr says: “Watch the Hobo Play Doh Factory, live in 10 seconds from this very alley!” (*turns milk crate upside down, sits down, and takes a sh*t through it*)

From First Cast Photo from the Red Dawn Remake:

Shanedugg2000 says: Aw, and i had such high hopes for this… (*frowns, farts, forgets altogether*)

From Grown Ups Wins Kids Choice Awards:

Stinky Peet says: “We’ve replaced the People’s Choice award winners with the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice winners, let’s see if anyone notices…”

I’m assuming the statuette they give for this award is a chrome dildo in the shape of P. T. Barnum.

From 49-year-old Twilight Fanatic Gets Full-Back Twilight Tattoo:

Morton Salt says: If this lady and the Avatar tattoo guy got it on, the mass of writhing flesh would resemble the people’s choice awards.

From Man Gives Ex the Gift That Keeps on Giving: An Exploding Dildo:

Stinky Peet says: Rigged, for her pleasure.

LongLeggedMacDaddy says: Gynomite!

JHC says: Ol’ Kenny Powers look-a-like there was trying to throw the heater in his lady friend’s catchers mitt, huh?

ChinoMoreno says: Pfffttt…explosive device, schmexplosive schmevice. Is it waterproof??

ChinoMoreno says: Does anyone know how to dismantle a cucumber? You know, just to make sure it’s still…good?

Charlie Br0nze: Hey baby, I promised you fireworks. *Terry lights fuse with cheroot, dives for cover*

I always knew you guys would be at your best discussing exploding dildos.  UNTIL NEXT WEEK…

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