Comments of the Week

Because you guys comment so righteously, I’ve got two prizes to give away.  The winners gets a choice of handsome, 100% cotton FilmDrunk shirt (

Aaaaaaanyway, here are your two winners for this week.  First, in the thread for The Best Quotes from Charlie Sheen’s Howard Stern Interview:

The Jersey Devil says: Charlie Sheen will go before a judge next week to have his name legally changed to “Gnarly Sheen.”

I know that joke has been done a bunch of times by now, but I swear to you Jersey Devil was the first place I heard it, and that deserves some credit.  So send me your choice of prize, JD.  But I know how you Jersey types love your t-shirts.   Our other winner was Fek’lhr, for whom I even overlooked that this comment broke from his “third-person Klingon” schtick.

[From Channing Tatum Will Star in the Peter Pan Origin Story, “Pan”]

Fek’lhr says: Flava Flav is pretty much a shoe in for the crocodile at this point.

Tick-Tock indeed (sidenote: is the crocodile that swallowed the clock not one of the most awesome characters in all of literature?).  Also, the proper spelling is actually “shoo-in”, not “shoe-in,” but in this case I think it works.  Runners up after the jump.

Same thread:

Moose says:
 Yo girl, I’mma call you “Smuckers”, cuz your jelly would go great with this smooth Peter Pan.

From the thread for New Transformer Has a NASCAR-bot with a mullet (Topspin):

Patty Boots: His favorite comedian is Larry the Cablebot.

ChinoMoreno says: Topspin’s hood is white.

From the the thread for John Galliano loves Hitler:

Moose says: French Ambassador: “Antisemitism and praising of Hitler will not be tolerated in France. We will aggressively pursue and arrest any offenders. (*Sees veiled Muslim woman nearby*)HEY! YOU GET THAT SH*T OFF YOUR FACE RIGHT NOW, YOU FILTHY SANDN*GGER! Where was I? Oh yeah, France is a model of tolerance and enlightenment for the rest of the world to admire and emulate.”

Moose gets political.

From Random Task goes on trial for gun rape:

Påüłÿ Ðąηgęrσűşľγ says: It’s safe to say that I’m the Random Task of finger gunz.
*aims* PEW! PEW!

Ace Rimmer says:
… and threatening to kill her repeatedly.
F*cking Asians with their reincarnation.

Special Runner-Up: The guy who emailed me to say: “Hey, I’ve loved filmdrunk for a while now, it’s one of my favourites. But do you mind taking yesterday’s ‘Rape Charges’ article down? I just think the content’s pretty awful and I have sisters who read this blog.”

Hey, man, I’m just a humble public servant here.  It’s not like *I* gun raped anybody.  In fact, I probably prevented a gun rape or two just by raising awareness.  Frankly, you and your sisters should be thanking me.

From Baby Goose goes to the zoo:

ChinoMoreno says: Hey girl, I respect your purity so I won’t show you Macaque.

And finally, from The Emilio Estevez Meme: He’s Slightly Less Gnarly:

Moose says: Octagons.  I stop for them.

Thanks again, folks.  And if you don’t think the comments I chose were the funniest, you can always nominate the ones YOU think are funny by pasting them in the comments section below throughout the week.