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Mornin, jerks.  You’re in luck this week, because I get to give away something cool again.  It’s Louis C.K.’s brand new DVD, Chewed Up, which will be available in stores next Tuesday.  Louis C.K. is a great stand-up, plus, if you watch Louis C.K.’s new material today, you get a sneak preview of Dane Cook’s material a few years from now (zing!).

As always, the way this works is, when a commenter makes a comment worthy of recognition, nominate it by copy and pasting it in the comments section of this post.  I’ll pick the winner from among the nominees next Sunday/Monday.

Before I start the runners-up roundup, I’d like to direct your attention to last week’s Gary Busey and Danny Trejo-related posts, if only to point out that there’s no way I could recognize all the funny comments.  Let’s begin with some gems courtesy of Pauly Dangerously:

[Busey post] Pauly Dangerously says, “Gary Busey won a staring contest over the phone.”

[Trejo post] Pauly Dangerously says, “Danny Trejo’s Che started the revolution by drinking an entire bottle of tequila.”

From the David Fincher is a Dick post:

Honor Amongst Nintendogs says, “Fincher felt that Goldwyn was taking Project Mayhem too far.”

Elsewhere, it was a good week for Chodin:

[From the Greasy Sax Dude (Timmy Capello) post]: Chodin says, “As far as Timmy Cappello is concerned, Peter Frampton had the right idea  – ‘Wait a f-cking minute: you can play the guitar AND stick it in your mouth? Hubba-hubba.'”

[From the Gary Busey post] Chodin says, “Gary Busey once stabbed his arm all the way through a cereal box and was convinced that his dick was the prize.”

[From the Adrien Brody Makes Out with Beyoncé post] Chodin says, “If Adrien Brody ever leaned in to French kiss me, I’d probably just assume that he was about to barf dead worms down my hatch.”

From the Tina Fey Explains Her Scar post:

“The Mighty Feklahr wonders why Edward James Olmos never told the story about the cheese grater that asked him for directions?”

From the Colin Hanks Gives Me the Douche Chills post:

Crapbasket says, “Is, ‘The douche chills’ like, ‘The dude abides’ but for Brett Ratner in riposte?”

Good one.  Even though I had to look up ‘riposte’. But while we’re on the subject of Ratner bashing…

Burnsy, in the Che movie thread says, “Brett Ratner is also releasing a 4-hour epic, but the second half is titled, ‘etos.'”

And finally, THE WINNER IS – Donkey Hodey, who week in week out, does a lot of the funny lifting in the FilmDrunk comments section.  And last week, he was especially on.  Here’s a sampling:

[From the “He Hearts Ray Liotta post”] Donkey Hodey says, “Ray Liotta’s face has been maced before. No, not the spray.”  [Editor’s Note:  Get it?  He means this kind of mace.  Because Ray Liotta has pock marks, you see…]

[From the Street Fighter pictures post] Donkey Hodey says, “The only people who ever used Chun-Li were eight-year old girls and guys who grew up to be furries.”

[From the Danny Trejo/Che post] Donkey Hodey says, “Danny Trejo’s Che Guevara didn’t engage in guerilla warfare, but he did beat his chest a bunch and eat bananas.”

[From the Sets of Rome Were Destroyed post] Donkey Hodey says, “So, I take it the sets would take more than a day to put back together?”

So congratulations to Donk, and thanks to everyone who took the time to comment and everyone who took the time to nominate comments.

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