Comments of the Week

Okay, you guys know how this works by now. We nominate for comments of the week by copy and pasting in the comments section below throughout the week. Then I let YOU vote for the winner by using the reply function for some reason.

Here’s the winner you chose:

[From The Rock wants to run for president someday]
Good Grief
: Whenever a wrestler talks about “high places,” Owen Hart sheds a single tear.

Oh, dead wrestler jokes, will you ever go out of style? So email me your address and shirt size, Mr. (or Ms.) Good Grief.  And for the rest of you non-comment-of-the-week-winning losers, don’t get down, you can still get a FilmDrunk shirt of your own the old-fashioned way: by trading money for it! Get your shirt here! Now available in both Irish Green (pictured) or Drunk Asian Guy Red!

And now for your runners up:

From Woody Harrelson tries to talk about Rampart, gets asked about deflowering a high school girl named Roseann at her prom:

Mustafa Dystrophy: “Lets focus on the film people.”
“Okay, so did you Rampart of your anatomy into Roseanne or not?

[Same post]
Chino Moreno
: I told my prom date that I wanted to be deflowered and he just took my corsage back.

[From Russell Crowe set to star in My Big Fat Australian Dracula Detective, or Gladiator: Dracula Cop.]
ChinoMoreno: Vampire the Buffet Slayer.

[From Big Miracle flops like whale titties]
Feklhr: In Big Miracle 2: Humpback Sperm Boogaloo, Drew Barrymore returns as “Queefqueg”, an amphibious superheroine that can fire harpoons outta her c*nt. BLOW ME DOWN!

Well done! And better luck next time! Now here are your honorable mentions.

[Russell Crowe Dracula Detective post]

ChinoMoreno: Crowe’s headquarters are located in The Outback Stake House.

Moose: Dracula will prep his victims by spreading Vegemite on their necks.

ChinoMoreno: Crowe wears a string of garlic bread around his neck at all times.

[From Every movie trailer from the Super Bowl]

Burnsy: I can’t wait to see the alien say “QUAR GOK CHEE GUARK!” translated to “You sank my battleship.” BECAUSE YOU KNOW THEY F*CKING WILL.

Moose: Black Widow fights criminals by Tae bo kicking their shins and then blowing on her whistle until a man arrives.

[From Larry the Cable Guy stars in The Tooth Fairy 2: Insert your own redneck teeth jokes]

Good Grief: “So many purdy mouths, so little time!”

[From The new poster for Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead]

Zombie, or not zombie?
The ass is the question.
Whether ’tis nobler in the vag to stuff her
The karate and liberating farts of outrageous Megumi
Or to take arms against a sea of tapeworms
And in opposing them, to pee, to feek

Is “feek” short for feces? I’ve never heard that before.

And finally, from Indian politicians resigning after being caught watching porn on a cell phone include the ministers of cooperation, women and child development:

Morton Salt: You want to know what kind of porn it was? I’m guessing some poon jab clips.


That’s it for this week, y’all. Don’t forget to nominate your favorite comments throughout the week and vote for the best at the end of the week. THAT WAY WE CAN KEEP DOING THIS AGAIN AND AGAIN! Exciting, isn’t it?