Comments of the Week: Leo Pops, Locks and Drops

Before we start, I need to give a big Thank You to the commenters for the lack of Jaden Smith material. I’d rather write 2000 words about a glass of water than Google that kid’s name again. Onward and upward.

When the internet queefed out the trailer for the next installment of the Hobbit saga, John Wayne In a Devo Hat said the cutest thing:

All caucasian characters again? Seems like they could have hired at least one Tolkien black guy.

Tied with Mr. In a Devo Hat is Farthammer who read about Kurt Cobain’s Scooby smut and went even further:

Just down the street, a much more elaborate mural of Daphne and Velma 69ing was done by The Pixies, but nobody seemed to notice.

Inspired by cartoon porn, like all great minds. So you two are tied, and technically both winners. But sometimes a comment isn’t properly nominated. For instance, Ben Skipper received well-deserved praise for his contribution to the Wolf of Wall Street trailer, this gif:

The only thing that would make this better is if we could see Jonah Hill’s teeth. Way to go, Skipper, you win. To the rest: remember to keep your wits about you, and nominate your favorite comments of the week in the comments section of this very thread. For next week, the winner has to babysit six of my mice while I pick up the other six in Aruba.