Comments of the Week: Saddles Edition

So, HBO asked me not to post Comments of the Week yesterday because they knew it would compete with the ratings for Game of Thrones, and because I’m understanding and nice was generously bribed, you’re getting CotW on a Monday. Let’s dig in.

You may remember that the Christian Post was pretty horny/upset about the decline of Western Civilization on account of all the anal jokes kids are making these days. In response to God’s messenger’s reference to “wholesome Westerns”:

Schnitzel Bob: “Growing up with wholesome Westerns”, he said to his audience of 70 year olds.

“We didn’t need actors with subtlety, we had John Wayne! And if we wanted a movie about Chinamen, we just had John Wayne tape his eyes slanty!”

That’s mighty white of you, Mr. Schnitzel. Our grandparents would be proud for all the wrong reasons. Then there was the story about product placement being the possible reason for Edgar Wright peacing out of the Ant Man movie. In the parade of fine product placement jokes, Otto Man stood out:

Otto Man: AN™AN

I’m all aBOUT trademark jokes, and yours was perfect. Were it not for the vulgarity of your peers, you would be this week’s champion.

However. In 1984 there was a made-for-TV movie by the name of Why Me? It’s about a woman who gets a vagina transplanted on her face because who cares. Since it’s showing at Cinefamily on the 19th, you’d think it’s one of those movies only an indie rental store owner would’ve seen, but apparently one of you was familiar:

Alcoholics Gratuitous: I saw this on HBO, it’s called Game Change, and was super easy to beat off to.

Damn. I didn’t think I’d like any Sarah Palin jokes, but I stand corrected. Plus I’m pretty sure As promised last week by our esteemed editor, you win a copy of Blazing Saddles 40th Anniversary Blu-Ray. (Send me your address, Mr. Gratuitous). Everyone else, remember to keep your wits about you, and nominate your favorite comments in the comments section to this very thread. Next week’s winner will get the Blazing Saddles special features disc! (Editor’s Note: This is a joke).