Comments of the Week: The Alias Slur

Thank God for Juggalos, because if there’s anything that inspires good comments, it’s our favorite FBI-designated Gang of clowns, ninjas, and homies (homies). Which is not to say that the other threads fell by the wayside. There were plenty of cocaine puns, Parkinson’s jokes, and bot arguments. Please, join us.

I’m not a big fan of puns because they’re usually weak, halfway wordplays that leave me shaking my head instead of genuinely impressed (unlike “I collect many pelts, fur instance…”). But then along comes Larry with his short and sweet contribution to Vince’s post showing Quentin Tarantino dancing like a deaf white guy on Golden Girls.

My guess is that he had a lot more than three lines.

Not only a good cocaine joke, but a point about how Tarantino talks a lot. SOLID pun. Moving on, we found that teamwork wasn’t impossible for you monstrous vulgarians, demonstrated beautifully in the Stallone v. Bruce Willis post:

doopdedoop: Who would win in a fight, John Rambo or John McClane?

Otto Man: At this point? Parkinson’s.

You two had me giggling; I now pronounce you man and wife (sort that out between yourselves), may your future of paired comments shine bright. This next post is on the inspirational side, and it comes from Day One of Vince’s must-read GotJ Tour Diary. First a spam post:

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And then TheLordsCloaca showed up to prove that the machines haven’t taken over yet:

That would mean she worked about 10 hours per day, every day, for the last 31 days. That’s not a “few hours”. She is either the most robust, work-obsessed whore to come down the pike or you are a liar. I think you are a liar. A stinking lying sack of shit from some stupid lying city in a hell-hole lying country! I think you should go to hell and suck Satan’s anus for your sins.