Comments of the Week: Weight Loss and Twinks

It’s that time again! Your infrequently posted but nonetheless favorite post in all of the Uproxx lands. I know you’re all excited to see who wins a babysitting gig with six of my pet mice, so let’s get right to it.

As some of you haters hated, Morgan Spurlock is making a documentary about One Direction.Yes: it does look more like a commercial than the cultural inquiry I’d prefer. But no: it’s not interesting to dismiss the project. Save that bitterness for Bieber. Anyhoo, Chino Moreno retitled the film:

Super Twink Me

[Applause] While we’re showcasing Chino’s far-reaching talents as a wordsmith, here’s what she gave us on the trailer for that effectively nameless Stallone-Schwarzenegger vehicle, starring 50 Cent as a computer whiz:

Computer Expert 50 Cent is into writing text, he ain’t into making love.

[More Applause] Bravo, Chino. Now get off the stage. Let’s not forget the importance of People Who Make An Account Just To Hate, people like the aptonymic f*ckthissh*t [censorship courtesy of Yours Truly, betches], who has really important opinions about Max Landiss’ Man of Steel opinions:

I like it.

The majority of the audiences like it.

IMDB has it at 8.0 which is at the top 250.

The profesional critics and crybaby fanboys can go suck a dick and f*ck off.

The person who keeps submitting these threads can f*ck of.

The tiny minority bitching can equally f*ck off.


And stop making these whiny articles you fucking c*nts.