Comments of the Week: Wild Geese Addition

As promised, this week for comments of the week, I’ve got a copy of Wild Geese to giveaway, which can currently be purchased at Severin-Films. I’ve even got an exclusive clip after the jump. Either way, the Severin guys always find the best stuff, so definitely check out their catalog, even if you feel no gratitude to them for providing our CotW prizes.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t great about nominating comments over the past week and change, so today’s is a shorter list. But that doesn’t mean it’s SHORT on HUMOR! In fact, it’s long on humor! Tumescent with it, to the point of bursting! Sorry, that was a shameless attempt to fluff up a semi-limp list. Okay, here we go. I had to give the nod this week to “Prolapsed Masshole,” who burst onto the FilmDrunk scene with a great handle and some awesome pun work.

From The First Pictures of Tom Hardy from the Set of Mad Max, Prolapsed Mass bemoaned Mel Gibson’s absence from the Mad Max franchise, but offered a great idea for bringing him back.

prolapsed masshole says:

Mad Max: From the Dreidel to the Grave. “They started all the wars, he’ll end them”

Well done, Mr. Masshole. Send me your address and collect your DVD. After the jump, the runners up.

For first runner up, we have ChinoMoreno, who hasn’t been around as much lately, but as you’ll see, she really made her time count this week. From The Girl with Her Dead AIDS Cats Tattooed on her Back and Quentin Tarantino’s Mom Banged Wilt Chamberlain:

ChinoMoreno: My mom once banged Magic Johnson. Now I have a tattoo of her dead AIDS pussy on my back :(

No one works blue quite like Chino.

From A Guy Named “Boner Mountain” Won a Screenwriting Award:

Chareth Cutestory: Wait, wasn’t Boner Mountain the name of that Jude Law Civil War drama, but then Nicole Kidman was cast and they had to change the title?

Speaking of Chareth… From Mark Wahlberg and his short little t-rex arms in the Pain and Gain poster:

Chareth Cutestory
*pointing frantically around the gym*

And finally, from the absurdity files, in John McCain Says Zero Dark Thirty is Pro-Torture and Wrong:

John Wayne in a Devo Hat: If waterboarding is as awesome as wakeboarding, then I could totally see one of these camel f*ckers ratting out Hodji #1 for a chance to go catch some massive airs on Lake Durka Durka or wherever it is they park their f*cking boat over there.

Yeah, that was out of left field. And I loved it. Anyway, another great week, everyone. Thanks for making FilmDrunk one of the only sites on the internet where the comments are often worth reading. As always, if you see a funny comment at any point this week, go ahead and paste that bad boy in the comments section below.

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