Corey Haim snubbed in SAG Awards ‘In Memoriam’ tribute

(I choose to remember Corey Haim the way he lived — loosely related to Greasy Sax Dude)

There are snubs and there are snubs, but there’s no bigger slap in the face for an actor than getting left off an “In Memoriam” montage the year you die.  People still talk about Brad Renfro’s snub, but in my mind, the biggest oversight was leaving out Don LaFontaine a few years ago.  This year’s In Memoriam montage at the SAG Awards left out Corey Haim (Lost Boys, Lucas, License to Drive, Crank High Voltage), which might be forgivable if they hadn’t included both Gary Coleman and Zelda Rubenstein (the weird lady from Poltergeist). Ouch.  That’s like not getting into a club and then seeing Danny Masterson in there.  (MASTERSON! *shakes fist*)

“We have become used to not being honored by our peers in the industry,” Haim’s ‘Lost Boys’ co-star and friend Corey Feldman tells PopEater upon learning of the snub. “I have faith that the Academy will make a wiser choice.”

For their part, the show’s producers say the oversight was nothing personal, Haim was simply cut for time.

[Producer] Kathy Connell notes that two packages were prepared for broadcast: “A longer version in hopes of being able to salute more actors and a shorter version if it was needed due to time.”
“Mr. Haim was in the longer version,” Connell says. “As the show was running long, we were forced to choose the shorter package.” [PopEater]

Somehow that doesn’t make it any better.  In fact, it makes him sound like the World’s Fastest Grocery Bagger getting bumped from Letterman after Stupid Pet Tricks ran long.  BUT WAIT! THE BEST INSULT IS YET TO COME!  The actual headline Popeater chose to illustrate this story was “SAGs Producer: Time Wasn’t Kind to Corey Haim”, accompanied by a side-by-side photo of young Corey next to older, more bloated Corey.  Get it? It’s clever because he aged badly. Stay classy, guys.

To make up for the SAG snub, the Academy needs to hire Timmy Cappello to ride in shirtless on a white horse (a grease-resistant breed, preferably), to play the saddest damned sax song you’ve ever heard, just for Corey Haim. There wouldn’t be a dry eye in the house. Or chest.