Crowdsourcing Supercuts: Help us compile cinema’s greatest compliments

Oliver emailed me the other day asking me for help working on his next supercut. While normally I’d give him my standard speech about getting a job and how the bums lost, he recently put together that beautiful cut of Wolverine’s claw sounds replaced with slide whistles that I suggested, so now I owe him a favor. He wrote a special message for you below, but the long and short of it is, can you help suggest cinema’s greatest compliments? Weigh in in the comments.

Dear FilmDrunk Commenters,

 For one to articulate admiration and respect for those around them is perhaps the finest of human expressions. This is why I am working on a completion of the “100 Greatest Movie Complements” (h/t Harry Harahan for the inspiration). Normally I avoid the sub-verbal caterwauling and banal grunting that takes place in the comments here, but for the sake of comprehension I am reaching out with an open hand to enlist your help.

 With the overwhelming hate that permeates the Internet and much of Jew-run media/entertainment complex my goal is to focus on some of the actually nice things that that get said on the silver screen. To providing a voice of love in a conversation dominated by hisses of degradation and intolerance, not to mention “FIRST” and “gay.”

With this in mind please submit your favorite film flattery, it can be a compliment between friends (“You can be my wing man anytime”), lovers (“You make me want to be a better man”) or even one to oneself (“I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and dawg gone it people like me”).