Dane Cook Is Still Crop Dusting Us In The New Trailer For Disney’s ‘Planes’

Disney could have picked any actor on the face of the planet to provide the voice of the lead character, Dusty Crophopper, in the upcoming Cars spin-off, Planes. Any actor. Any talented thespian with a history of providing range and emotion as a variety of unique and entertaining characters. Any actor in the world. Originally, Disney settled on Jon Cryer, assuming several thousand phone numbers went straight to voicemail, but then he dropped out of the film, and Dane Cook was selected as his replacement.

I don’t really care about Cook’s history of alleged joke-thievery or general douchebagginess anymore, but after watching today’s new trailer for Planes, I’m just wondering if the point was to find the first person available to show up and read lines.

Planes also stars the voices of Val Kilmer, Brad Garrett, John Cleese, Cedric the Entertainer, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Teri Hatcher, Sinbad, Anthony Edwards, Brent Musberger and… Colin Cowherd. Between Cook and Cowherd, it’s like Disney is trying to teach our kids to be cynical bastards at much earlier ages.