Dark Knight Rises Scalpers Asking $150 for tickets

The Dark Knight Rises opens July 19th, and midnight screenings are already selling out around the country, as people rush to be the first ones to tell their friends that they couldn’t understand Bane either. Now, some enterprising dorks who dared to dream big are hoping that some other dorks will pay up to $150 for the privilege. My sources even tell me that for just $7.50 more, you can get a large popcorn!

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ tickets shouldn’t cost you more than $20. That’s assuming you live in a big city and are going to see the film in IMAX. But searches on ticket resale sites are showing sold out seats for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ midnight showings selling for over $120. A few “entrepreneurs” are even selling groups of seats for $500.

This isn’t the first time ‘Dark Knight’ fever has caused the black market to be flooded with scalpers looking to make a quick back. Back in 2008, tickets for the IMAX midnight screenings of ‘The Dark Knight’ were selling for $100 at the most, but in the years since, inflation seems to have taken a toll on ticket prices. [ScreenCrush]

A quick scan of ebay shows that you can “buy it now” for a midnight screening in Minnesota for just $150 (0 bids so far, shockingly). There’s also 10 tickets for $500 at the Irvine Spectrum – that’s only $50 a ticket! Such a deal! Look, I don’t want to tell anyone how to live their lives, but if you’re prepared to spend $150 on a Dark Knight Rises ticket, why not just take that Friday off and see the first screening that morning? You can make a day of it, AND you probably won’t have to watch it with a big group of jackasses who clap and cheer every time they recognize something from the comic books.

But if you DON’T want to wait, I can get you in a week early, provided you want to pay me $500 and pretend to be Vince from FilmDrunk when you get there. The downside is, you might have to sit next to a 50-year-old man from the SF Weekly who wears a suede beret. Yes, a suede beret. Don’t ask.