David Lynch Did The Ice Bucket Challenge While Playing ‘Over The Rainbow’ On A Trumpet

Despite, or perhaps because of, the fact that celebrities doing the ice bucket challenge has made up a heavy portion of Uproxx’s traffic this past month, I must admit that I could not be f*cking sicker of celebs doing the ice bucket challenge. Oh, some hot girl “won the internet?” Please. Have you read a comment section? No one wins on the internet.

That said, I refuse to let an obnoxiously pervasive trend ruin the enjoyment I get out of watching David Lynch let someone pour ice coffee on his head (yes, ice coffee, I don’t know why either) while he plays “Over The Rainbow” on a trumpet (he was nominated by Laura Dern and Justin Theroux, whom Lynch worked with in 2006’s Inland Empire). It’s weird, I’m almost entirely lukewarm on David Lynch as a filmmaker, and totally gay for him as a person. Did I mention he nominated Vladimir Putin at the end? I can’t tell if being such an awesome weirdo comes naturally or if it must be exhausting.

Oh, and here it is backwards:

hat tip: WelcomeToTwinPeaks