David Spade Teases ‘Joe Dirt’ Sequel, Tells Chris Farley Stories

I’ll always have a soft spot for David Spade on account of Spade in America, Tommy Boy, Just Shoot Me, The Hollywood Minute, and his old stand-up specials, no matter how often he tries to make me forget. People forget that there was a time before he was a Sandler lackey that David Spade was a nasty little f*cker who didn’t care who he pissed off (see: Murphy, Eddie). I guess what I’m saying is that I have fond memories of David Spade, and Joe Dirt isn’t really one of them.

Nonetheless, Spade was doing a Reddit AMA, and he hinted at a Joe Dirt sequel.

“We wrote a sequel, and we may wind up doing it on Crackle.com, because they want to be the first web address to do a sequel to a movie. Because Sony owns them, and it’s a Sony movie. We’re trying to find a way to make it for the budget, but we really want to do it. And keep it good.”

“We’re putting it together now and seeing if we can keep it as funny and with the music we like for a lower budget. All the movies you hear about being made now keep running into budget problems, this and that, and it sounds boring, but it’s just a new world, where they can’t make those $15-30 million comedies anymore. It’s either $3 million or $200 million, there’s almost no in-between, so everyone’s adjusting to either a summer tentpole Avengers-type movie, or learning to get down and dirty and gritty and making a smaller movie. I just don’t want to burn the fans and want to make it good, so me and the other writer are combing through the sequel and trying to make it make sense and have good music and be funny within the parameters. So hopefully it will be soon, or it will be too pointless.”

David Spade is one of those guys like Vince Vaughn who does almost nothing but awful movies nowadays, but you’re not sure if you can blame them for it. Would I go to Tahiti to make a million dollars for showing up and lazily reading a few lines in Couples Retreat like Vince Vaughn? Yeah, probably. Would I do Grown Ups 2 with Sandler after he bought me a Maserati like David Spade? Yeah, probably.

That said, if I were running David Spade’s AMA, all questions would be limited to Chris Farley stories.

There are so many Chris Farley stories to tell. I try not to overdo it, because they are very personal, but they are so funny, people should hear them. I just told one on Howard Stern this morning that was ridiculous. But I will say here’s one: Me, Him and Adam Sandler were walking to dinner, during SNL, and this cute girl was getting in a cab, and we commented how pretty she was, so Chris ran over and climbed in the cab with her, and said “hey, you goin’ downtown? Let’s share a cab!” and she started yelling at him and kicking him. And he finally came back, and we said “Chris, if they don’t know who you are, you are just a crazy fat guy trying to climb in a cab with them.”

And then we all laughed, it was very funny to us. He would do stuff like that for us every day to make us laugh.

On the origin of “fat guy in a little coat.”

Chris was always doing that bit to me at work. We shared an office, and you had to walk through our office to get to Chris Rock & Adam Sandler’s office, so these 2 microscopic offices were back to back, and Chris’ desk was behind mine, and he didn’t really know how to write, or read, really (kidding!) but he would come in bored, because I would have to write my sketches to try to get on but they would always let him on, so he would get behind me and be bored, everyone would write him sketches, and he would say “Davey… turn around” and I said “if this is Fat Guy in a Little Coat I’m not turning around, it’s not funny anymore.” And he would say “no, i’ve got a whole new thing I’m doing.”

And then I’d turn around, and it would be him in my Levi jacket, and he would say “Fat guy in little coat! Don’t you give up on it!”

God I miss Chris Farley. I have personal reasons for thinking so, but I feel like comedy is really missing that “drunken rugby player” sensibility these days.

Who in 2002 would’ve ever thought that 12 years later, Dennis Miller would seem more anachronistic than Kid Rock?