‘Dear White People’ Explains The Proper Way To Use ‘Not To Be Racist, But…’

If you saw the trailer for Dear White People, you’re hopefully excited for what looks like an amazing mockery of Tyler Perry, The HelpThe Blind Side, and every other lazy Hollywood attempt at celebrating (themselves for not being obviously afraid of) black people. This new PSA from the makers of Dear White People makes fun of the common phrase, “not be to be racist, but…” which is actually the way that most internet comments start.

When you start a sentence with, “Not to be racist, but…” well, you probably shouldn’t have started that sentence. But if you did, here’s how to finish: “Not to be racist, but, you make some great points, Black Person! I’ll be on my way—oh, and thank you for Michael Jackson.”

End of discussion, really. What a solid marketing strategy. Stroking progressive boners, feeding racist trolls. I can’t wait for the future PSAs:

Well, I Don’t See Color
I Have a Black Friend
It’s Not Racist If It’s True
I Didn’t Mean All Black People
It’s Just a Joke
They Have the Same Opportunities but No Work Ethic
Reverse Racism! and The Civil War Was About Taxes