Dirk the Penguin recuperating after being kidnapped by drunks

Dirk the Fairy Penguin is recuperating at his home at Sea World on Australia’s Gold Coast today after being kidnapped by drunks in a Hangover-style prank and nearly fed to sharks. The most surprising part of the story? The drunks weren’t even Australian.

Three young Britons will appear in court in Australia accused of stealing a penguin during a drunken night out. The trio are said to have broken into a Sea World marine park, where they also allegedly stripped to their underwear to swim with dolphins. They apparently remembered their high jinks only when they woke the following morning with hangovers to find the small fairy penguin, called Dirk, on the carpet of their rented apartment. Yesterday one of the men – aged 18, 20 and 21 and from Wales – appeared on Australian television, where he admitted it had all been a bad mistake.

Rhus Jones said that as reality struck, the trio panicked and released the penguin – which had been bred in captivity – into a canal. The bird was rescued when two passers-by spotted it and became concerned. The couple said they saw Dirk being chased out of the water, possibly by one of the sharks known to swim in the Gold Coast waterways, before it was herded back into the canal by a dog. Meanwhile, police moved in on the three Welshmen after a friend reported that they had boasted on Facebook about the ‘bird’ they took home with them that night.

I bet they did. Waking up with a “bird” in your apartment? Talk about a softball of a joke for drunk British dudes. I wish I could’ve been the Australian news anchor who broke the story. “And neow, a story fer ivery bloke who’s evah woken up after a noight on the piss with a bird he doesn’t remembah, smellin’ lahke fish and takin’ a shit on the cahpet, wishin’ he could feed her ta shahks. Owah mate Rog has the story in Bindoolahwoombahbah. Rog?”

[via TheDailyMail]