Dirty Dancing Remake Being Written by a Guy Named 'Brad'

HEY, REMEMBER THE 80s?!? Hollywood sure does. They’ll be adding Dirty Dancing (1987) to the remake pile soon enough (was the public’s appetite not sated by Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights or Dirty Dancing: Capoeira Nights?!). A remake has been in the works since at least 2009, but the latest plan is for High School Musical‘s Kenny Ortega (who also choreographed the original) to direct from a script by just-hired Glee co-creator Brad Falchuk.

The Lionsgate remake will incorporate classic songs from the 1960s, hits from the original film and brand new compositions.
“High School Musical” helmer Kenny Ortega, the original film’s choreographer, will direct as well as produce. Eleanor Bergstein, who wrote and co-produced the original pic, will also be involved in a producing and consulting capacity. [Variety]

Patrick Swayze famously made it okay for tough guys to dance in the original, and with the director of High School directing a remake from a script by the guy from Glee, it seems all but impossible to find someone manly enough to play the lead this time around. They might have to get the actual Truckasaurus. Of course, there’s always C-Tates. He recently gave Elton John a lap dance, but I imagine this will be way gayer than that.