Django Unchained’s love interest is named “Broomhilda von Shaft”

No one is able to ride the line between awesome and terrible so consistently and brilliantly as Quentin Tarantino. Also, he talks a lot. Basically, he’s the perfect Comic-Con speaker.

Some highlights from the Django Unchained panel:

Tarantino also said they just finished shooting a few scenes with Jonah Hill (Yes, that Jonah Hill) as a member of the Regulators.  The Regulators were sort of the KKK for that period of time.  Tarantino said that they were the funniest scenes he has ever filmed. [Boomstick]

Hopefully Jonah Hill is fat again, and the scene involves Django having secretely greased up The Regulators’ saddles, so Jonah Hill keeps slipping on it and falling down every time he tries to get on the horse. And then at some point it cuts to the horse covering his eyes with his hooves. “Here we go again!” I like to think of it as a composite homage to Hogan’s Heroes and Roots.

In the works for 13 years, “Django Unchained” is set mostly in the antebellum South, and tells the story of a slave-turned-bounty hunter, played by Mr. Foxx, who settles scores, hunts white men and searches for the love of his life. She is a black slave played by Kerry Washington, and named Broomhilda.
Yes, it is a Siegfried reference, Mr. Tarantino said, never mind the playful spelling.

I’m assuming he means the Wagner opera, which I’m totally familiar with and didn’t have to look up at all. (*clears google history*)

Broomhilda’s actual name is Broomhilda von Shaft, said Mr. Tarantino. At some point, he said, she and Django, will have a child (as he envisions them, if not actually in the film), whose descendants will include John Shaft, of the movie “Shaft.” [NYTimes]

“Broomhilda von Shaft.” That’s right, it’s a combination of a Wagner opera and 70s blaxploitation films. Because he likes both of those things, you see. Oh, Quentin, shine on, you coked-up diamond. I eagerly await the arrival of his first born, Menelaus Q. Bangbus.

“Zim squim, ala kabun, it seems that the Coke Wizard’s work here is done!” (*Tarantino’s coke wizard disappears in puff of smoke*)

[picture via JoBlo]