Does this mean we’re getting hoverboards soon?

Here’s a superconductor that has been frozen in liquid nitrogen, allowing it to float above a magnetic field in three-dimensional space. Yes, it’s levitation, like David Blaine without the camera tricks. It floats upright, then remains in the position when turned upside down.  It can even travel around a magnetic track floating at different heights. The scientists accomplished this by harnessing the power of- OH MY GOD BUILD ME A HOVERBOARD RIGHT NOW!

Quantum trapping uses a stable magnetic field to “clamp” this super-frozen, super-thin disc in three-dimensional space. With the stability of quantum trapping, the disc will hang in space even when the whole apparatus is inverted. Quantum mechanics deals with the motion and interaction of matter on the subatomic level, which means physics concerning particles smaller than the individual atoms that make up matter.

In the video is a single crystal layer of crystal sapphire, paired with a ceramic layer. The super thin layers are then cooled to -301 Fahrenheit (-185 Celcius). At these frigid temperatures, the ceramic becomes a superconductor and conducts electricity with no resistance at all.

In addition to electricity, the disc also experiences the Meissner effect. Hang on, it’s not that difficult. This Meissner effect explains the magnetic properties of superconductors. Normally, a magnetic field would pass through a disc, attracting or repelling all parts at the same time. But when the disc is a superconductor, the magnetic field travels around the disc and only forces itself through the weakest points. It’s at these points where quantum mechanics takes over. The disc becomes trapped in space, a concept aptly named quantum trapping. [DiscoveryNews]

I’m not sure what happens after the video, but I assume it involved the inventor gently stroking a hairless cat while cackling maniacally.

Not to be outdone, the other day I invented a new type of sandwich that allows me to eat it three times faster than a normal sandwich. The way I accomplished this was by holding a handful of bread in one hand, and a handful of turkey in the other, which I would then dunk into the twin receptacles of mayonnaise and mustard, respectively, that I had placed before me, then combine them all in my mouth, which tasted almost like a regular sandwich. The time I saved allowed me to get 35% bloggier.