Dog from ‘Up’ in real life discovered on a see-saw

I can’t remember if Dug, the dog from Up, ever joined Carl or Russell on a see-saw in the movie, but this dog’s passing resemblance to the Up dog was more than enough for me to dedicate an entire post to it. Come on, the only thing I like more than chubby little kids are fat dogs doing human stuff. Well, actually it sort of depends on the amount of the chubby kid’s swagger. This kid was pretty legit, for instance.

So, what do you think? Probably not as cute as the real-life Up kid, but the world could always use more fat dogs on see-saws, I’m always saying.

I may soon turn this site’s focus specifically to Asian children in costumes, because holy balls they are frickin adorable.

[Dog picture via TheChive, thanks to Jacktion!® for making the Up connection]