Dog Gives Pep Talk in Front of Mirror – Morning Links


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TV’s 20 Greatest Original (Non-Theme) Songs |Warming Glow|

We Handicap Some Joseph Gordon-Levitt “Dark Knight Rises” Rumors |Gamma Squad|

We’ve all had moments like this |via notyourbestday|

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Jeremy Lin, Tim Tebow Part Of Time’s 100 Most Influential People In The World |With Leather|

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How Newt Gingrich Really Got Bitten by a Penguin |College Humor|

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I Finally Have A Thing To Say About The Muppets |Videogum|

15 writers and directors who’ve spawned their own separate genres |Fark|

Kim Kardashian Wants To Be The Mayor Of Glendale Now. No, Really. |TheSuperficial|

All sorts of awesome shit in slow motion! |GorillaMask|

10 Aliens Cunningly Disguised as Attractive Celebrities |Pajiba|

Morbid Road Trip: The Scattered Artifacts of Lincoln’s Assassination |Mentalfloss|

Five Incredibly Creepy Animated Short Films |Unreality|

Kelly Brook Has a Tumblr and It’s Glorious |Brobible|

A Look At The Coolest Film-Related Viral Videos |ScreenJunkies|

Aziz Ansari: Texting With Girls |High Definite|

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