Don’t Call This Supercut A Midget

FilmDrunk Minister of Awesomeness Oliver Noble is back with his latest supercut, Revenge of the Dwarfs: Midget Attacks in Cinema (a sequel to his Dwarf Abuse mash up). And while I’m sure that title is wholly offensive in itself, it’s cool because this is a tribute to little people. This video celebrates film’s wee characters rising up and seeking justice against their normal height oppressors. Included in the video are your usual tiny suspects like Willow, Bad Santa, Elf, and both Chocolate Factory movies, among many others. The real highlight of this mash-up is For Your Height Only, which is a Weng Weng classic. But Vinnie and I agree that the most appealing inclusion is from the 1973 film, The Sinful Dwarf, which features an equal mix of dwarf-on-human violence and naked, crying white women.

Oliver’s wizardry after the jump…