‘Dragon Blade’ Stars Jackie Chan Battling Roman Forces With… John Cusack?

Last month, Vince brought us the under-the-radar news of Jackie Chan’s next film, an epic historical war movie entitled Dragon Blade, in the form of a new poster. Normally, that’s not a big deal, but in this case it was really interesting to know that Chan was being joined by Adrien Brody and John Cusack, who is quickly rising to Nic Cage’s level when it comes to the quality of projects he takes on. It’s bizarre that Cusack won’t star in Hot Tub Time Machine 2, but he’ll take on cheesy VOD titles like Drive Hard and The Prince. But I guess a dude’s gotta get paid, whether it’s a check from Chevy or a bag with a dollar sign from low budget film producers.

So what about Dragon Blade? It sounds like it has the makings of a pretty intense martial arts film, complete with a war between the ancient armies of China and Rome. Are Cusack and Brody in this thing for the good of the art? Let’s go to the new trailer for some answers…

We’ll leave that answer as incomplete for now, but Cusack at least deserves some credit for not going with a bad British accent for his Roman warrior. Dragon Blade hits theaters in China on February 19, but it doesn’t have a U.S. release date just yet. Cough, VOD, cough.