Edgar Ramirez Might Replace Gerard Butler In The Unnecessary ‘Point Break’ Remake

With Gerard Butler bailing on the Point Break remake because he’s focused on the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen like a true artist, Alcon Entertainment needed to scramble quickly to find someone to play the role of Bodhi in this tale of international criminals, extreme sports and secret agents that totally isn’t xXx or Fast and Furious. So who’s next on the list of actors who are willing to squeeze an easy paycheck in between actual respectable work? The Wrap writes that it’s Edgar Ramirez, star of the critically-acclaimed Carlos and also Wrath of the Titans, which was critically… something.

Ramirez is reportedly negotiating his deal to become the new Bodhi to that other guy’s Johnny Utah, and Alcon’s CEOs, Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove, couldn’t be happier about him joining the team.

“We consider Edgar one of the finest actors in the world today and we are thrilled he will be creating a fresh new take on the iconic character of Bodhi,” Kosove and Johnson said in a joint statement. (Via The Wrap)

Of course, he’s going to have to come up with his fresh new take on the fly, because filming is supposed to start in two weeks. Maybe his Bodhi could wear really cool hats and an eye patch. Or maybe Alcon will finally make a good decision and make Bodhi’s cohort this English bulldog that rides a skateboard.

Vaya con dios, bulldoggy.