Ever Wonder What It Would Look Like If David Lynch Had Directed ‘Return Of The Jedi’?

A long, long time ago in this very same galaxy and country, George Lucas had approached David Lynch about directing Return of the Jedi. It’s a story that comes up every now and then, and if there’s no point in re-telling it, you’re bound to get a lecture from the Internet police. Fortunately, we can mention the story again because a YouTube user named “C-SPIT” uploaded a clip that lets us know what Return of the Jedi might have actually looked like had Lynch decided that he had a little more than “next door to zero interest” in taking Lucas up on his offer.

Because Lynch claimed that listening to Lucas talk about those “things called Wookies” gave him a headache, and he was put off by the fact that they went to a restaurant that only served salad, we’ll never know what his Return of the Jedi could have looked like. But it’s safe to say that C-SPIT’s clip is as close as we’ll ever get to being really, really creeped out by Jabba’s little rat friend. Well, at least a lot more than we already were.

Just as the story of Lynch turning down Lucas has been retold time and again, this YouTuber isn’t exactly the first to have the idea of showing us what a David Lynch Return of the Jedi might look like, as it was attempted in this decent clip and again in this very unambitious clip. But C-SPIT’s is arguably the best effort.