Every Slow-Motion Wes Anderson Shot Set to Ja Rule (Friday Free for All)

Friday Free for All has increasingly fallen by the wayside as I get lazier and lazier on Friday afternoons, but I’m bringing it back, with another sweet supercut/mash-up/montage/whatever you want to call it. (A while back I think we decided “Clipzkrieg” was preferable to “Montage” because it sounds angry and German instead of nice and French, but I digress). Some internet genius (Slacktory, to be specific) has taken every slow-motion shot from Wes Anderson movies and set it to Ja Rule.

Wes Anderson is well-known for getting a lot of emotional mileage out of his slow-motion shots, usually set to classic Rolling Stones tunes or folky indie rock. It works, because it’s cheating. Slow-motion anything set to music always feels important and deep. It’s video editing 101. But here I’d always assumed that Wes Anderson movies were stealing the emotional power of the songs for the visuals. The interesting thing about this edit is that it shows that the reverse is also true: Bill Murray walking through a crowd of photographers with his kid on his shoulders in Life Aquatic actually makes Ja Rule’s music seem less shitty.

You can see the original Royal Tenenbaums scene below.

This one’s actually Nico, “These Days.” For some reason I remembered it as the Rolling Stones, probably because I was thinking of these scenes:

The Ruby Tuesday chorus kicks in at about 4:00.

Here’s I Am Waiting in Rushmore.

Though I actually prefer the Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard scene from Royal Tenenbaums to both, because Gene Hackman running around town wrecking shit set to Paul Simon is the most epic combination of awesome things since chicks in bikinis and the solo to November Rain. No, I haven’t actually seen those combined yet, but God willing, someday.