Everybody Wants A 'John Carter' Sequel Except The People Who'd Have To Pay For It

“Have you $300 million?”

John Carter, having cost $350 million to make and market and earning only about $30 million its opening weekend (albeit another $70 million internationally), appears likely to join the grand pantheon of colossal box office flops. This New York Times article from earlier this week was already pulling out the Ishtar comparisons.

Nevertheless, the movie has its pocket of fanboys who would like to see a sequel, including this Forbes writer who is openly campaigning for a follow-up to get made. To that end, John Carter fans have taken to the place where pointless causes go to languish annoyingly and mostly die (except for that one about Betty White getting to host SNL): Facebook.

The Facebook group called “Take Me Back To Barsoom, I Want John Carter To Have a Sequel” boasts about 2,500 members, a laughably small number for a group trying to convince Disney to ignore losing several hundred million dollars to invest heavily in a similar unprofitable project. But, hey, they made a trailer!

Director Andrew Stanton, who also did Finding Nemo and Wall-E for Pixar, has already begun work on the sequel and all involved parties would likely come back if Disney wanted to give it another go. Of course, that ignores economic realities and when a studio sinks a third of a billion dollars into a film, that’s not a consideration easily ignored. A Hollywood Reporter piece speculated that the movie will need to earn another $600 million for a sequel to happen. That’s only $240,000 per Facebook group member. You guys got this!