Here Is Everything That Is Supposedly Wrong With The Perfect 'Days Of Thunder'

Our friends from Cinema Sins are back again with a breakdown of “Everything Wrong with Days of Thunder in 8 Minutes or Less,” and I don’t typically disagree with many of the details and accusations in these wonderful videos, but I feel like this one’s a little off base. Days of Thunder was an incredibly important film in Tom Cruise’s career, as it combined the action and general BROtastic nature of his greatest 80s film, Top Gun, with the drama and seriousness of Rain Man and Born on the Fourth of July, and ultimately ushering in a new era of “Look how serious I am!” roles in the 90s.

As for the so-called sins of Days of Thunder, I’ll admit that a lot of the points that this video makes are possibly correct, but I’d also invoke my Floridian battle cry of “WOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO! NASCAR BABY!” before shotgunning a Busch Light and throwing up on my dog. Days of Thunder is a cinematic masterpiece, but I present this video that suggests otherwise, because I’m fair and balanced.