Fred Durst sings Limp Bizkit karaoke with Nick Swardson

Limp Bizkit split from their record label last month and Fred Durst been directing films since 2007, last an inspirational drama about a girl quarterback conquering pop warner starring Ice Cube, and next rumored to be a “hillbilly Pulp Fiction” starring Paul Walker. Point being, he belongs to the world of film now, so you can look forward to my breathless coverage of everything he does.

Most recently, the pride of Jacksonville hit karaoke night with Nick Swardson and Cedric Yarbrough from Reno 911! Not even the person in charge of hiring GoDaddy girls could dream up a combination that random.

Sources tell TMZ, Durst hit up open karaoke night at Rock & Reilly’s with Nick Swardson and Cedric Yarbrough from “Reno 911” — and the trio performed a bunch of other songs … like Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.”

Overall, the beatboxed version of “Nookie” ain’t too bad — in fact, we now feel slightly less embarrassed about listening to Limp Bizkit in high school. [TMZ]

I’ve said this before, but as an American, I feel the same way about Limp Bizkit’s popularity in the late 90s and early 2000s as Germans must feel about the holocaust. Even though I was never a party member, I still feel as if I should’ve done more to stop it. They came for the nookie, and I said nothing. They came for the chocolate starfish, the hot dog flavored water. The sickening feeling of complicity lives inside me, the backwards red baseball cap my swastika. I guess what I’m saying is that I’m not at all surprised that someone who listened to Limp Bizkit works for TMZ now.