Friday Free For All: A word with Gary Busey

It’s been a busy week in Busey news (see: Gary Busey plays a pro-wrestling vampire, Gary Busey gets into a fist fight over what kind of couches they have in heaven), so I thought this week, in lieu of a Friday Free For All video, I’d present to you instead an out-of-context word from Gary Busey. Sort of like a Moment of Zen on the old Daily Show.

Here it is, your out-of-context word with Gary Busey:

This has been: Your out-of-context word from Gary Busey.

By the way, have I ever told you want “panda” means, Butthorn? PANDA: Plush Asexual Nougaty Dream Animal, PANDA. Speaking of the Beatles, you wanna buy a suitcase full of panda meat? (*smoke bomb, jumps through plate-glass window*)