Frotcast 103: Movie Pitches with Joe King

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Wow. Well, after last week’s thoroughly thoughtful, informative, and at times even poignant Frotcast, we were due for one that’s basically 90 minutes of the bluest scat talk you can imagine. So we brought on our friend Joe King, and if you’ve never heard Joe King, the best way to explain him is that pretty much everything that comes out of his mouth is an Aristocrats joke. Joe King is a walking Aristocrats joke. Joe pitches us four or five movie ideas (“Kilmer vs. Kilmer”), all of which are gold, and tells us true stories from his acting class in LA, where he gets to make out with Victoria’s Secret models and the guy from Bring It On 2 pretends to have PTSD and tackles people to save them from fake explosions. ACTING! I hurt myself from laughing.

We also play some clips from this year’s AVN Awards, with special focus on Jesse Jane’s shrieking hell-banshee voice and finish it off with your relationship and poop questions. Hey! Do you like the Frotcast? Turn a friend on to it! Write us a review on iTunes! Buy some stuff from and enter the promo code “FROT.” Seriously though, we have a lot of fun making these, and we’d love it if we could win some new listeners.

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