Frotcast 116: Laremy Legel live from Toronto, Manswers Roulette

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This week on the Frotcast, we blooped in our buddy Laremy Legel, live from the Toronto Film Festival where he eagerly awaits Looper. Topics include The Ambassador, Chopped, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (which Bret just saw), Blue Valentine, Joe “Uncool Dad” Philbin, and whether Breaking Bad is better than The Wire (spoiler alert: it’s not, not even close).

We had some complications on our Chicago trip and Running Man screening November 3rd and 4th, but it’s still happening, now we’re just fronting the cash ourselves. We’ll have a Kickstarter up soon where you can buy advance tickets and help us feel less scared about the money outlay. Yay?! Oh, and we discussed Chuck Norris, and his fear of 1000 years of darkies. Enjoy!

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Episode Notes by Adam:

This week we bring Laremy on, live from Toronto. We talk about some movies, listen to Chuck Norris’ plea to not send us into 1,000 years of darkness, hear a Manswer, read some emails, talk about Vince’s Filmdrunk and Friends stand up and Drunk on!

  • 00:03:00 – Bret actually saw some movies recently, and wants to talk about them. The guys talk about actors really wanting to do a New York accents, which spirals out of control. They also talk about Breaking Bad and Chopped.
  • 00:17:05 – Laremy bloops in from the Toronto Film Festival. He’ll be seeing 17 movies in 5 days, and is looking forward to Looper, ArgoSeven Psychopaths, and some others. There is some talk about the FilmDrunk and Friends show last week, and some more information about the Chicago shows. Vince plays the political ad from Chuck Norris and his wife.
  • 00:40:13 – The guys can’t stand the DNC, and the RNC. They compare it to a boring version of WWE. A listener sends in an email about dead finches. Bret finally does shtick.
  • 00:51:25 – Vince and Laremy talk about The Ambassador, a documentary Vince recently reviewed and interviewed the director. Laremy dreams of doing Esquire type celebrity interviews. The horrible Oogieloves trailer gets played, and the guys have trouble distinguishing between certain kinds of actors.
  • 01:11:35 – Laremy goes over some of the movies he is looking forward to this winter. There are some masturbation stories. The guys all agree it should be legal to land one good punch on a WBC member.
  • 01:28:50 – It’s time for MANswers Roulette. This one deals with a certain type of hooker. A new character is created: Chad Gordon-Levitt. The Frotcast finishes up with a voicemail.